A family get together was held on 8th may 2010 at Farook College Auditorium in connection with the General Body meeting of the ART. President Prof. K.M. Ramakrishnan presided over the meeting, Secretary of ART, Prof. R.V. Ibrahim welcomed the gathering. The report and account of ART was presented by the Secretary. College Principal Prof. E.P. Imbich Koya, Prof. T.O. Pareed Pillay, Prof. Mohammd Hassan, Prof. K.C.J. Raja, Prof. Gopinath, Prof. V. Kunhabdulla, Prof. B. Mammadunni, Dr. Asha Mohammed spoke on the occasion. Prof. T. Kunheedu talked on the ART website. 

Prof. K,M. Ramakrishnan presented a panel for Executive Committe  of ART for the next term and the General Body approved this panel Following names are included in the panel 
  • Prof. A. Kuttialikutty
  • Prof. K.K. Unnikrishnan
  • Prof. C.K. Mohammed Ummer
  • Prof. T. Syed
  • Prof. M.A. Fareed
  • Prof. Raveendran
  • Prof. R. V. Ibrahim
  • Prof. T. Kunheedu
  • Prof. K.M. Abdur Rasheed
  • Prof. Safiya Rasheed
  • Prof. C.D. Vijayamma
Prof. M. Raveendran expressed the vote of thanks.
The get together helped the members and their family to recollect their memories of the experiences while the members were on the college service. Lunch was arranged for the members and their family members.   More than 65  members present in the get together with their family.

After the lunch,  first meeting of the new executive committee held to elect new office bearers of ART.   Prof. K.K. Unnikrishnan chaired the meeting, Prof. R.V. Ibrahim welcomed the members and Prof. T. Kunheedu recorded vote of thanks.  At the executive committee meeting,  following members were elected as office bearers
  • Presdient:                Prof.  K.K. Unnikrishnan
  • Vice Presidents:       i) Prof. C.K. Mohammed Ummer                    ii)    Prof. M.A. Fareed
  • Secretary:                Prof. T. Kunheedu   
  • Joint Secretaries:      i)  Prof. Safiya Rasheed                                 ii)    Prof. C.D. Vijayamma
  • Treasurer:                 Prof. T. Syed
  • Members:                 i)  Prof. Raveendran    ii)  Prof. A. Kuttialikutty iii)  Prof. R. V. Ibrahim  iv)  Prof. K.M. Abdur Rasheed
  • Ex Officio Member:    Principal, Farook College