Kerala Service Rule

GO(P) No 415-2013-Fin dated 02-09-2013(1).pd   SRO Amendment to Part III KSR

GO(P) No 405-2013-Fin dated 27-08-2013.pdf     KSR Amendment Special Casual Leave

GO(P)No 270-2013-Fin Dated 04-06-2013.pdf     Kerala Service Rules Part III Rule 100 Reemployment pay of pensioners-further clarification

GO(P) No 136-2013-Fin dated 16-03-2013.pdf    Part III Kerala Service Rules Amendment

GO(P) No 48-13-Fin dated 23-01-2013.pdf     KSR Part III Rule 100 Revision of reemployment pay clarification

GO(P) No 45-2013-Fin dated 22-01-2013.pdf   KSR Amendment SRO No 71/2013

GO(P) No 27-2013-Fin dated 15-01-2013.pdf      K S R Amendment S R O No 33/2013

GO(P) No 23-2013-Fin dated 10-01-2013.pdf      K.S.R Amendment SRO No 26/2013